Advanced Color Awareness

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A 1.5 Hour Video Course

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Advanced Color Awareness

This session will enlighten Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Photographers & other industry pros about the effects of color from our environment. GREAT images only occasionally happen by chance. Often when people do experience this, they work hard to attempt to recreate magic they once captured… But it often eludes them. The reason for this is so often about color within our environment that just gave the image that special WOW factor. From wall paint colors, flooring, sunlight based on a certain time of day, photographers lighting or camera setting, reflection from furniture or surroundings, the masthead color of the magazine, and so many other possibilities.

However, our surroundings don’t just create occasional magic, they are MUCH MORE OFTEN, the culprit for underwhelming images. And when this takes place, It can feel earth shattering. Which in turn affects our confidence, reputation & our careers. Discover a level of ADVANCED COLOR AWARENESS so that you can utilize it to your advantage on a daily basis so your skills & career flourish.

“Loved, loved, loved this! I learned so much more than I already knew about color....what no to wear, stand next to, in front of, etc. these are things I never thought of, but occasionally saw in my own work and never knew why the photo didn’t match exactly what I was seeing. What an eye opener!”

— Elyse Feinstein

“This webinar deals with the subtleties of color and how color theory interacts with the environment. I There's plenty of examples too!”

— Mira

“I absolutely was blown away by this webinar. I truly learned more than I've ever learned in just this broadcast about how colors in our environment can completely affect how our makeup application turns out. I never knew that a red wall or a green shirt will totally alter our client's overall appearance before and after application. I am so conscious about my surroundings now and want to make sure that everything around me is either black or white. Thank you for such an insightful and informative broadcast on something that is such an essential element to us artists. The knowledge you possess is just beyond this world.”

— Sandy Le

“So many things I hadn't even thought about were covered in this course! I immediately changed things in my makeup room at home and was so fascinated by everything in this broadcast.”

— Claire

“This webinar blew my mind! So much information. A complete game changer. If you are serious about your career you need to watch this!”

— Helen

“This webinar was great in better understanding colour. Lots of practical advice and tonnes of examples so you understand how colour affects so many situations! Loved it !”

— Peggy Stasinos

“After seeing this webinar I immediately changed my makeup room using what I had learnt in this video...While I knew a lot about lighting from years working on various tv productions, I really wasn't aware of so much of what Donna discussed and now I have the knowledge from this webinar, I cannot wait to really perfect my craft to be the best makeup artist I can be by providing the standard of makeup application that is required to be at the top of this industry which I feel I am on the path to become with every new webinar that Ive taken to date!! Never have I trained with a makeup artist who can provide the knowledge, tips and insight that Donna can..this webinar has been my favourite so far!! This information is essential to know and Ive yet to meet a beauty educator who has discussed it like this webinar did..if you wanna be trained by the best in the industry you really should click add to cart now on this webinar, if not all of them!! Loved this!!”

— Jennifer Kahl

“Donna always has a way of enlightening you on things you didn’t even know you didn’t know. This webinar is no expection. She teaches things about how colors in our environment affect our work as makeup artists (or even hairstylists) and how to avoid pitfalls that no other educators address. She also provides really clear examples so you can see exactly what she’s talking about ina real life situation.”

— Natalie Krall

“Thanks Donna. Another great lesson. Feeling so overwhelmed with how much I still don't know and yet to learn. Lol. But glad Im now learning from the very best.”

— Daniela Cala

“This webinar was so insightful, Donna shined so much light on situations that happened so often but I didn’t really how to to correct until now. The slides Donna showed were real life examples that all makeup artist see and showed us how to look at them different and how to fix the problem. Donna makes you look that the big picture and not just the face in front of you - THANK YOU DONNA , I can’t wait to learn more !”

— Morgan Bediako

“You confirmed my thoughts regarding the color of my surroundings and its effect on the finished makeup! My studio is getting a face lift and all my assistants moving forward will be advised per this class!”

— Susanne Mayer

“This was a Big eye opener!!! I highly recommend every Artist watching this webinar so you won't make mistakes that can hurt your career and finances especially those who are setting up their salons. Awareness is always KEY and so essential. Well done Donna on another great webinar.”

— Crystal from Presence Makeup Artistry

“What a great perspective. I teach so much on the colour wheel, and breaking down colour for makeup and adjusters etc, but great to visually observe colour absorption and environment. Thank you Donna Mee. Slice of Gold as usual!”

— Lynn Hunt

“Webinar every MUA should take, valuable information on color awareness.”

— Deedee Jebrail

“This was an awesome course! It totally made me aware of things I didn't realize about color when doing makeup. How the little things in your surroundings or the clothes your wearing can make a difference! Thanks Donna for giving us your knowledge!!!”

— Hope Kennedy

“So many of these things taught by Donna in this webinar seem so simple, yet they were things I hadn't taken into consideration before! So many lightbulb moments, and she explained everything so well! I have at almost 5 pages of notes from this webinar alone!”

— Katina Stephens

“I took notes until my hands hurt and I loved every second of it. Donna doesn't spoon food answers but she certainly makes you ask better questions. I learn a lot from Donna's lessons as I did from university: Critical thinking skills. Donna makes me think critically about business, artistry, and many other intersectional disciplines. To me, Ms. MEE's knowledge and wisdom are as good as gold. I don't trust the information if it didn't get a seal of approval from this beauty educator. Believe the hype!”

— Stephanie Costa

“ways love the way Donna is so upfront honest and real in the webinars. We never stop learning and it is always great to see things from a practical point of view. Sometimes we can overlook things without even realizing it so an amazing reminder. Thankyou for sharing Donna xxxx”

— Kylie Eustace

“I love how detailed this class is for such a hard topic but the use of images made it seem so much more simple. Thanks you Donna, I really appreciate all the light bulb moments!”

— Katherine Watts

“This is a must watch! I took a 40 hour "makeup course" and I can honestly say there was never any mention of the information that this webinar has. The material Donna puts out is just mind blowing. There is so much to learn and Donna does such a. Amazing job putting out high quality materials. The amount of information is detailed and very informative. If you are not aware of how color affects your surrounding you must watch this video!!”

— Jessenia Munoz

“This webinar is pretty amazing! Donna shares things that most artist don't even think about. The information she shares is for any and every artist, no matter how long you have been in the industry. Some may never figure out what Donna has so I highly suggest watching this webinar and seeing for yourself!”

— Dora Vera

“Another mind blowing webinar by Donna Mee. It awakened me to how colors around us can effect what we see as well as what we create. Such important pieces to the puzzle. These are definitely points I keep in mind when working. Thanks for another eye opener!”

— Tammi Marks Mcdonald

“It has been an awesome learning experience. From things I was never taught from things I was doing right but people keep telling me they were wrong. The whole understanding of color and how it affects our environnement is priceless, and all the images you provided us were most helpful.”

— Cecilia

“Donna, great class, I am as well a visual learner and you know when you see something you just can't unsee it so I'm looking at things totally different today, so glad my studio is the right colour 🤗Would love to do your colour theory class as I say what I learned is only a drop in the ocean 😏And most places in ireland don't even teach it at all, your knowledge is second to none and I would highly recommend any Of Donna Mee's classes, thank you , Lauri 🌸”

— Lauri Dempsey

“This is a very informative webinar that provides an excellent knowledge base to apply critical thinking to the surrounding environment. I now understand how the environment in which you are working can affect the appearance of colours especially in regard to makeup application. After watching this, I'm finding I'm more aware of my surroundings and noticing factors that had previously never occurred to me.”

— Emily

“I feel I need to take the colour theory class as I feel I don't know what I don't know. There is soo much to learn!!”

— Saima Azhar

“Thank you soo much for sharing your knowledge. This was absolutely phenomenal information you shared that will take the color understanding I had to the next level. THANK YOU!!”

— Saima Azhar

“Donna I just adore your passion for teaching and helping others see what they haven't seen before. This class was so full of important information about colour awareness that will take any good makeup application and make it GREAT once people are aware of the external factors that affect the products they are choosing and how much makeup they are applying. Thank you for addressing these issues and showing us how to solve them. THANK YOU!!!!!!”

— Jen Ellis

“Great class. Thank you for your generosity and sharing your knowledge. Great tips I've never heard before. Make sure to allow extra time for it. Donna is always generous with her time”

— Heidi Baker

“This was a absolute gem! I'm so grateful to be learning from you...i gained so much insight thank you again!”

— Mahasha

“Absolutely loved this webinar! I learned more in two hours about color awareness with Donna, than I did while going to school for makeup. I'd love to take her color theory class in the future. Donna's webinars never disappoint. I always end up with pages of notes and awesome little "light bulb" moments! Thank you Donna :-)”

— Jennifer Blackwell

“I loved this webinar!! Thank you so much for giving so many light bulb moments! Breaking down the the faces in the different color being reflected was really awesome!! Even after taking almost all of your classes, I still learn something new in every webinar I watch! Thank you for being so amazing!”

— Jenn Langley-Mendoza

“Hi Donna! Thank you so much again for this live broadcast. I loved how you showed the different parts of the woman’s face that was different colors!!! Loved the foundations in different lighting as well. This is especially great for those that love eyeshaaaaaaadow! Now I will say eyeshadoooooow like this :)”

— Cathrine Solomon

“Absolutely eye opener for a newbie like me. I have been dying to do your classes and this live session was so very informative. It's so good to know why we do what we do. The effort you put in to educate is commendable. Can't wait for the next one ;)”

— Kannika Chikkanagoudar Rodrigues

“I'm so glad I was able to check out the webinar today. Total game changer and exactly what I needed to up my game. Thanks for sharing your amazing info with us!!”

— Susan Carabello

“Donna, Your info is wonderful! Was able to catch your live broadcast today. Thank you for putting together such an insightful and unique new webinar series!”

— Cara Liedlich

“This webinar was very eye-opening for me! I don't think that I have ever realized the effect my wardrobe, the surrounding walls, or fixtures could have on the finished product. It seems like such a simple theory, and I can't believe I have never noticed it until now! Thank you so much Donna, for imparting your knowledge with us!”

— Katina Stephens

“I love learning from Donna- this webinar was super eye-opening with visuals of the major impact colors can play in your services as a makeup artist. I learned some great things to share with my team and use as we move towards next year! You can never learn too much and once again, what I thought would be a simple topic was broken down into so much more! Can't wait for the next one!”

— Kara Gomez

“As a makeup artist, it's embarrassing to admit that I have struggles with interpreting colors. This class was just what I needed to break down all of the possible variables that pertain to color perception and how environment, lighting, and clothing can skew it. I've found much comfort in learning these things from Donna. She is very detailed-oriented and I've learned something new from a pro that will elevate my artistry! After this class, I'm seeing color in "a whole new light"!”

— Kanecia Dawson

“This is a really great class if you want to understand how much impact the colors in the environment in which you do makeup (and hair/nails/photography) has on your work. You will absolutely look differently at so many things after watching this! I was actually taught about this topic before, but despite of that I still learned new things, cause this was very detailed and in-depth. I had also never before seen real life “proof”. I must say that I was blown away by all the visual examples! Amazing and so clear! Thank you, Donna! x”

— Romina Alvarez

“Donna, your webinar was so educational, I learned so much, looking forward to the next one, thanks for the education. I can never stop learning. 😘”

— Traci Petraglia

“I loved it, the visuals showing how color bounces off things and affects the face extremely important to learn.”

— Patricia Brakeman

“This Advanced Colour Awareness broadcast is is a game changer! I don't think most people out there realise just how much their work environment can change everything about your makeup application and you Donna explained this perfectly. I absolutely loved this broadcast. I have been fortunate enough to have taken your colour classes however today i still had massive light bulb moments in regards to colour - so THANK YOU DONNA! Xx”

— Brodee Kernaghan

“I really appreciated your Free class on Color Awareness, I only wished she would of explained more solutions to the problems she was pointing out. She seems a tad bit bored with what she is teaching? I'm not sure I would of paid for this class.”

— Rochelle Dingman

“Absolutely loved it.!!!!! So much information and i really loved the visual examples, i am a visual learner and they really helped. So much food for thought and lightbulb moments about situations you would never have thought of before. Thank you so much Donna Mee you are amazing, i really learned a lot today. Really looking forward to the next one. ☺”

— Samantha Inglis-Purton