Contour & Highlights – Right & Wrong

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A 2 hour Classic Webinar

This is a recording of a previous Adobe Connect webinar presented by Donna Mee. You will have lifetime access to watch the recordings of this video.


Contour & Highlights Right & Wrong

Thanks to Youtube and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, contour and highlight have experienced a huge revival much bigger than it ever was in the 70’s. Millions have jumped on the bandwagon by applying memorized stripes of color resulting in some contouring chaos. Not to mention highlight to compete with disco balls. In this 2 hour webinar Donna discusses the many different types of contouring & highlighting that’s currently trending all over social media. And she easily explains what works and what doesn’t.

Viewers are given suggestions as to how to best deal with contour & highlight for the general public and how to handle client requests for the obscure contouring looks and trends. As an artistry veteran, newbie or anywhere in between, Donna breaks down and simplifies, what do you really need to know.

“This is such a great webinar!! Especially for my daughter! I got so tired of explaining where she was going wrong with the you tube highlight and contour that I just made her sit down and watch this.... what can I say but she had some light bulb moments!! Thank you DONNA”

— Amanda Gallen

“An excellent webinar to watch if you want to know what's going wrong with the contour/highlighting via youtube world. It also gives you insight on how to look at it correctly and see the flaws so you don't do it (again). THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!”

— Van Nguyen

“Another excellent webinar where I learnt soooo much from Donna's vast amount of knowledge...I really had a few eye opening moments watching this and a few things discussed confirmed what my gut instinct had already told me about certain items that this webinar covered. So happy I purchased this one as we all need to really know about whats going on in our industry especially given our clients and future clients are learning incorrectly from social media artists who are just that..artists who may have a lot of followers but when you break it all down like Donna did in this webinar, your eyes open up and you start to realise its up to professional artists to lead the way in makeup services and techniques that are going to actually make our clients look the best they truly can be...they say knowledge is power, and with that in mind, this webinar is a must see for all serious makeup artists!!”

— Jennifer Kahl

“Before this webinar, I "thought" I was pretty good at spotting a good makeup application from a bad one. LOL. Besides spotting the obvious shitty ones, there were a couple of photos where i thought the makeup was nicely executed, but to my surprise, it wasn't (and needed improvement)!! Mind blown! In a nutshell: Donna will reprogram your brain to only store useful and factual information and then she'll strengthen your understanding by explaining (in detail) who/what/where/why things don't work. She's a beauty genius.”

— Sharleen Carlos

“YES!!! I hope EVERYONE takes the time to watch this webinar. I feel most people are at a loss with misinformation on this subject so I'm so glad you made this webinar 😀”

— Brodee Kernaghan

“This webinar was fantastic. Very insightful and Donna’s sense of humor is hysterical. The techniques she offers in this video are pure gold.”

— Jennifer Blackwell

“I love your sense of humor! You are so honest and really point out the differences in what looks good and what is 'trending'. I'm so glad I bought this webinar!”

— Jenn Langley-Mendoza

“Informative, easy to understand, concise and humorous too! Excellent webinar!!! Thank you Donna!”

— Susanne Mayer

“This webinar is so helpful at opening your eyes to contouring and highlighting in much more detail than just "paint by numbers" kind of techniques that you see everywhere. Donna explains technique and products that will make your job not just easier but look so much better.”

— Katherine Watts

“Loved this webinar, wonderful insight with great examples. It was insightful to look at things as they are really happening around us so close to our industry. The way Donna presents is so real and honest and i love her great humour too :-)”

— Kylie Eustace

“This webinar is great insight on what techniques won't work in your clients favour and will give you a lot to think about if you want to really excel in your career and not stick to "what everybody else does".”

— Jen Ellis