Eye Makeup Wisdom

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A 1 hour Classic Webinar

This is a recording of a previous Adobe Connect webinar presented by Donna Mee. You will have lifetime access to watch the recordings of this video.


Eye Makeup Wisdom

In this webinar, Donna Mee shares many of her favorite eye makeup products and brushes to elevate artists and consumers makeup applications. Details on improved usage of eye shadow in both loose and pressed formulations as well as tips and techniques on makeup brush usage allow viewers to apply the knowledge to themselves and clients immediately. Discover how to determine quality products in order to make better investments in future makeup purchases. The presentation is full of facts, unknown details and the typical light bulb moments that Donna is known for.

“Every makeup artist needs to watch this. Every time I watch it the more tips I pick up. Who knew the majority of makeup artists were holding their brushes i correctly... huge statement but this webinar was such an eye opener. Will keep watching this one. Love love love.”

— Daniela Cala

“Enjoyed every moment of this webinar on eyeshadow. Donna gave great tips on how to prevent fallout, watery eyes and how to stroke your brush to get the best effect. It was extremely informative and the application demos were so helpful. Having that visual aide was a bonus. Thank you always for all your advice and honest opinions. You're amazeballs!”

— Sandy Le

“I really enjoyed the information that Donna shared in this webinar..While I knew a bit about this, I didn't know what I didn't know on this subject till I watched this!! I have been totally amazed at the depth of knowledge that Donna has and that she shares..Amazing!! Thank you Donna!!”

— Jennifer Kahl

“Love all the great tips this webinar has to offer. Now when I shop for eyeshadows I'll be more aware on my purchases.”

— Brodee Kernaghan

“This has to be one of my favourite webinars, it has so much practical advice to apply to your eyeshadow application. This information isn't taught in schools. I'm so excited to try out the techniques mentioned. I found it beneficial to watch through the first time just absorbing the information, but the next time I re-watch it I'll be playing with my shadows and brushes at the same time to understand it in a truly practical sense.”

— Emily Richardson

“Literally eye opening for me! So much information....so little time to watch and catch up on all these amazing webinars.”

— Elyse Simons

“This was wonderful, so many light bulb moments. I checked to make sure to my eyeshadow was in round containers after this. Great tips on when to use eyeshadow base.”

— Patricia Brakeman

“This one was definitely one of my many favorites! It's one of her rare application demonstrations and has easy step by step instructions, so I recommend you play with your own eye shadows as you watch! A much watch webinar that will help solve the most common issues like tearing and fallout to say the absolute least...”

— Katherine Watts

“love, love, love this one! Such great and practical advice. Donna doesn't typically do application webinars, but in this one she gives practical tips that genuinely help. I can't recommend this one enough. So much good info on eye makeup. 👌🏻”

— Jen Ellis

“I absolutely love this one because there is so much knowledge about eye makeup that you just don't really think about! There is so many oh that makes sense moments! Highly recommend this if you want to just be amazed!”

— Jenn Langley-Mendoza