Genius Ways to Generate Immediate Income

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Genius Ways to Generate Immediate Income

Make The Holiday Season Your Best Months Of The Year!

If you do hair, makeup, skin, injectables or tanning services, discover how to make the slow, holiday season your best months of the year!

This seminar is not to be missed. Donna Mee will show how to generate new business and client bookings to result in extra income, right away. Donna will enlighten you on ways to find new and ongoing clients that you’d never have otherwise.

  • Find out how to get clients to contact you.
  • How to better sell your services to new and existing clientele.
  • Learn to sell months of services and even a year of your beauty services in advance!

But it’s not all about selling, it’s actually about discovering how to accumulate clients that very much want your services!

This recorded webinar is an awesome way to increase your business savvy with the no B.S. truth Donna Mee is known for delivering. Her record for training more successful working artists than any other educator is due to her unsurpassed application techniques as well as her business and marketing ideas, curriculum and advice.

Most importantly, Donna has done everything she teaches, made mistakes, worked out the kinks, perfected the process, achieved success and teaches others how to avoid the pitfalls, and have a must faster, direct route to attain their business & income goals. Discover a piece of “The Donna Mee Methods” for yourself and become instantly inspired to make positive changes in your career like the tens of thousands she has trained.

“Wow! I have finally made it through the whole video because every time I watched it and couldn't finish it I had to watch it from the start again! LOL I believe this was a good thing though as it helped me to absorb all of the information in this webinar by watching it more than once. I was really in need of some encouragement and guidance on how to think outside the box and generate more income. Having been in the industry for 18 years I found this webinar so helpful with setting up my packages and also defining what my services are. It has helped to become more focused and build my confidence to believe that I can generate more income and have more consistancy.”

— Corinne Jones

“Omg there were so many little details in this webinar of which I did not know. They are really eye opening even if you do not work as makeup artist you sure can apply those principles in practice.”

— Neza

“There are so many amazing ideas in this webinar that I can't wait to put into practice. Can't wait for next year to see the changes that these ideas will make to my business.”

— Sally Kuter

“Loved this insight into the 'business' of our industry- even with a Balchelor in Marketing, Donna Mee inspired me to put some business perspective into my craft. You can be the most amazing makeup artist but without these tips and insights, no one may know who you are or what you do! - so many lightbulb moments! Thank you Donna!!!”

— Jessie Ash

“I love how something so simple can make such a difference. Thinking outside the box and especially during a slower season, these are just all around awesome ideas! Can't wait to implement these in my business!”

— Jenn Langley-Mendoza

“So many amazing ideas on how to generate more income. Every webinar I watch, never disappoints. Thank you Donna for your words of wisdom.”

— Jennifer Blackwell

“With Christmas season fast approaching, this was an ideal time to watch this webinar. As always, Donna excels in her ability to produce income producing activities by the bucket load. Always thinking way outside the box, she delivers to help us achieve our goals and dreams. Donna always delivers with such passion to help others, conviction and authority on her subject matters based on experience from having done it herself and she always delivers way beyond what you expect. She is a force of knowledge not to be missed. This brilliant woman has a plethora or knowledge and experience to offer us as artists, business owners and passionate creatives, to expand upon on knowledge, ideas, skillset, communication, goals, our self belief and ability to take our own careers and life into our own hands. That is the definition of empowerment.”

— Clarissa Williams

“A MUST WATCH! A class that really opens your eyes to the opportunities you can CREATE. Speaking of opportunities, not everyday you'll get this opportunity to learn from Donna, a business genius herself! I feel so motivated to put these tips into action and start earning the $$$!! Thanks Donna.”

— Katherine Watts

“I purchased this video at the special price and I must say that the value of the video is far more then the price tag. Wow. Not only was it creative and genius but I loved the detailed endless opportunities to make your business flourish. Donna's business mind is like no others. Her message conveys that there is no limits to what you can do to increase your business at any time in the year no matter your experience. I feel very motivated and excited to start my journey and see where applying some of these techniques can take me. Thank you Donna!”

— Jessenia Munoz

“So many great tips and tricks that seem so easy to do, yet I had never thought of them this way before! My husband (who in no way works in the beauty industry) was around when I watched this, and he slowly started inching closer and closer to my computer, because Donna was dropping some SERIOUSLY great ideas that could be used across so many industries!”

— Katina Stephens

“Wonderful ideas for people to increase their income. Highly recommend. 💯 With Christmas fast approaching this is an excellent time to invest, but with holidays throughout the year, anytime is a good time to find ways to generate more $$.”

— Jen Ellis

“Great examples of income generating activities in your business from services and products to referrals. A great reminder of things you have yet to implement and some genious way to generate income especially for the bridal market and upcoming holiday season. It’s the perfect time to watch this webinar!”

— Simone Waters

“I just watched this one tonight - I have no doubt that I will have a minimum ten fold return on my investment as I put the ideas into action! Thank you!”

— Susanne Mayer

“I took this webinar 2 years ago in December, things were slow for the holidays, after watching i got some great ideas to sell holiday packages and services. I wound up generating an extra $400-500 that month. 5x what the webinar cost. I made my money back AND learned creative ways to get extra cash in the slow months. You just have to be creative and try new things. There are so many ways to up your game. I highly recommend this webinar”

— Mana Afshar

“I have been doing Makeup & Hair for well over a decade, and some of these I thought of but didn’t actually execute, and some are just great ideas that you can put into action right away. It is motivating & helps getting you to think outside the box. How many of these you put to action will determine how much more you could make. If you are ready to do whatever it takes to make some instant cash, you will want to watch this!”

— Cole Saad