How to Avoid The Most Common Industry Mistakes

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A 2 hour Classic Webinar

This is a recording of a previous Adobe Connect webinar presented by Donna Mee. You will have lifetime access to watch the recordings of this video.


How to Avoid The Most Common Industry Mistakes

Want to cultivate a successful business? In 2 hours, Donna will enlighten you on a plethora of industry secrets to propel your business to a higher level of success. Take advantage of the 34+ years experience Donna has in the industry, and gain insight from her hard lessons learned to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

This is an awesome way to increase your industry knowledge with the no B.S. truth Donna Mee is known for delivering. Her record for training more successful working artists than any other Educator is due to her unsurpassed application techniques as well as her business marketing curriculum and advice. Discover a piece of “The Donna Mee Methods” for yourself and become instantly inspired to make positive changes in your career like the tens of thousands she has trained.

“Loved, loved this webinar. Thank you, Donna, for reminding us that we're all human and can only better ourselves by the mistakes we make. It is so true when you say, "You don't know what you don't know." Thank you for all the insight on every topic you discussed, such as what we should avoid when it comes to our business cards, or how we should be a team player and do more than what our job title displays to get the shoot done, or study everything you need to know to evolve yourself as an artist. It's so awesome to hear that one of the greatest veterans in makeup artistry can tell us first hand of some of her mistakes and how she's learned from them to be the successful beauty prodigy that she is. There's no one better than Donna to teach us all the ins and outs of how to become the best artist we can be. Thank you again for such a great webinar!”

— Sandy Le

“Oh boy have I made some of these mistakes already! So good to know how to rectify them and what people actually want and how they see you from a first glance even if it is something as small as your business card.”

— Brodee Kernaghan

“This has been one of my favourites so far. We all make mistakes, but the point is to learn from them. Even better - watch this webinar and we can learn from someone who's done it all before!!! Thanks again Donna”

— Sally Kuter

“Great information and happy to see a class that is simple to understand but yet powerful enough to make you want to change and be different so you can stand out in a better way!”

— Cassandra McClure

“This webinar had so much vital information for any working makeup artist. I loved watching the evolution of business cards. Such a great class.”

— Jennifer Blackwell

“I have to admit I have made a lot of mistakes learning the ropes in this industry. So grateful to have found Donna who just points out things that you are like duh, why didn't I see that before. "you don't know what you don't know" I love that my eyes have been opened and now I see things so differently! Thanks Donna!!”

— Jenn Langley-Mendoza

“Great webinar, so much information. It's also great to hear such a great artist admit they have made mistakes and the things we can do to avoid them ourselves. The information on Business Cards was targeted towards the makeup industry, but really can apply to anyone in business - some of it may seem obvious, but would of you thought of it if it wasn't pointed out to you first? Although briefly mentioned, Donna also shares some excellent knowledge on colour and it's influence.”

— Emily Richardson

“Thanks Donna another great lesson. You really don't know what you don't know. So very true. Your advice is never black and white and I appreciate how you explain things by looking outside the square. Had so many light bulb moments.”

— Daniela Cala

“This is another great class from Donna Mee! I really loved her review and information on business cards. There are so many mistakes you can make with business cards (you might be surprised)! She really helps you know what to avoid. She gives a lot of great advice, some of which sounds obvious, but people make these mistakes all the time!!! If you really want to be a makeup artist, Donna Mee's webinars are THE BEST INVESTMENT you can make towards being successful.”

— Rechele Brooke

“The fact is that everyone makes mistakes. I mean, we're all human. But It's always good to hear from advice from a veteran like Donna who has lived through all of what we are going through and getting her truthful insight into how we can avoid making a lot of the mistakes in our career, and not burn bridges or lose out on work. Such amazing information. You will love this webinar, I'm sure of it!”

— Jen Ellis