Makeup Brush Masterclass

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A 2 Hour Video Course

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Makeup Brush Masterclass

This video training seminar covers everything working artists don’t know about brushes. The insight presented in this training will have you grabbing your brushes and immediately seeing them in an entirely new way.  As you re-discover each brush you own you’ll be inspired to create some magic with newfound wisdom and application techniques.

  • Learn how to avoid many common brush utilization mistakes that even seasoned artists make, to take your skills to the next level.
  • Learn how to confidently determine the quality of brushes for future purchases as well as how to analyze those you currently own.
  • Learn Donna’s tips for how to deep clean your brushes in a much faster way, which also will extend their life and blow your mind.
  • Absorb facts and insight on all types of synthetic and natural brush bristles.
  • Discover the actual truth about cruelty free brushes that surprise even the most seasoned veteran artists.
  • Find out the differences in application results of the same product when using synthetic verses natural bristles.
  • Learn the five important facts that determine selection of a synthetic or natural bristle brushes for the application of each makeup product.

Viewers will become empowered with knowledge to utilize their tools more effectively, which also improves the speed of makeup application as well as the overall visual results. If you desire to master your craft, this is a must see training.

“Thank you Donna for such an informative webinar! There's so much about brushes here that were never taught in school. This is a must watch for all makeup artists.”

— Lillian Chan

“This webinar was very insightful, I had a few lightbulb moments. First with which brush to use for which products in my kit; second the types of hair used in brushes(I will be researching my current stash); third and most important....brush cleaning and the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. I’ve watched this video twice, the first time just to watch, the second time I watched the new taped version and took notes....lots of notes. Donna, as always, you’ve put a lot of effort and detail into all the webinars I’ve watched thus far, and you are sharing things with us all that I’ve never heard before....THANK YOU!”

— Elyse Feinstein

“Just finished watching!!! Was amazing! Loved the new format! After watching the original I have been using Donnas methods which has cut down my cleaning time between clients. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

— Amanda Gallen

“I must watch for the beginner or professional! Between fall out to type of brush and the tip to prevent it...Thank you.”

— Jerri Graham

“Thank you Donna, the tip on how to brush synthetic brushes alone makes the video worth to watch. It's gonna be a game changer for me. :)”

— Luisa Pollio

“Thank you so much, Donna, for such an informative webinar on the utilization of brushes. The massive amount of advice, technique and usage of brushes was just out of this world. The great tips you gave us to save time in between clients was just genius! I can't thank you enough for the plethora of knowledge you give us. I highly recommend watching this. It'll give you a better understanding of your brush set and what to actually do with them. Two thumbs up!”

— Sandy Le

“Excellent! A lot of information on brushes in this webinar. Great Great Great job.”

— Tamarra L Eaton

“Donna so informative, THANK YOU - I learnt so much, will be working smarter, so much more effectively & learnt time saving tips. Need to invest in a few more of your brushes. AWESOME CONTENT”

— Jill Turnbull

“All I can say is wow...I was mind blown learning everything Donna had to share about makeup brush utilization!! I cannot think how many hours and days if not weeks it would have taken to find out even half of what was shared in this webinar, was my first class I purchased of the webinars and I was hooked after seeing this one!! An absolute must for all makeup artists!!”

— Jennifer Kahl

“I’ve never learnt so much about Brushes & it is something we use everyday! Great information”

— Margie

“Amazing class!”

— Danyelle connell

“So much amazing information! I am so blessed to have found Donna on Facebook! Can't wait to watch more of her webinars! The brush cleaning information and her explanation of brush usage has changed my life!”

— Mercedes Muniz

“OMG...the PLETHORA of information is AMAZE-balls. The webinar may be 2 hours long but it took me 3 hours just to absorb all the information and take notes. Just watch it and you'll know what you've been missing out on. Can't say enough about it. Brushes, utilization and handling, care &'s got it all.”

— Van Nguyen

“I loved this webinar so much! I feel empowered now that I can confidently state what my brushes are made from and how to keep them looking fab forever!”

— Brodee Kernaghan

“Wow! This is one of the most informative webinars I have ever watched. I didn't realize how much there was to learn about brushes, it is so great having all of this info in one place. I need to replace my brushes soon and am so glad I got my hands on this webinar first.”

— Kassandra Hawkins

“So much detail in this webinar. It was great to see some tips on holding and using brushes - things that were never taught at school!!!”

— Sally Kuter

“the power of makeup brush utilization. Great informative information Donna. I learn so much about brushes and techniques to speed up my makeup work. highly recommend this webinar”

— priscilla huynh

“One of my favorite webinars so far! I remember learning the basics about brushes in school. This webinar is a game changer. So informative and will definitely improve my technique and speed when applying makeup. This webinar is so worth it.”

— Jennifer Blackwell

“I really didn't know there is so much about brushes that I didn't know! I would just go to the store randomly and pick ones I like, or that feel nice. lol After watching the webinar I feel way more confident in being able to know exactly what I need! I love these webinars, so much knowledge!!! Thank you!”

— Jenn Langley-Mendoza

“I loved this webinar! I learned so much about the different hairs used, synthetics vs. natural, and even use of the brushes. I enjoyed all your tips on cleaning too.”

— Elyse Simons

“Thank you Donna for always sharing you wisdom and knowledge, I’m so glad I took this webinar, I really have learned alot. I thought I was doing it right and have good makeup brushes until I watched this webinar 😂😂 loads of lightbulb moments again 😍😍😍”

— Reslie Mundwiler

“So thrilled to have this lesson!! I have been searching for answers that I felt were key to honing my skills - and this lesson gave me the knowledge I needed and was looking for and then some!!! So so grateful and I highly recommend to anyone who truly is passionate about increasing their skills and becoming an excellent well paid makeup artist. Thank you thank you thank you Donna!!!!”

— Susanne Mayer

“Thanks Donna. What Im realising is that what you are teaching us is legitimatly game changers.”

— Daniela Cala

“Incredible webinar! This covers EVERYTHING you NEED to know about brushes! I learned so much about brush application, bristles and hygiene/cleaning and looking after them. If you want to master SPEED this webinar will put you well on your way towards mastering, just that.”

— Katherine Watts

“Incredible knowledge! I now feel I have the answers to my questions with regard to brush cleaning in particular. Prior to watching this, I had zero understanding of the variety of bristle types, the process in the development of a brush or even what I should be looking for in a brush. I'm very excited to utilise this information!”

— Emily Richardson

“So informative. I genuinely enjoyed learning so much about brushes. This has ot be one of my favourites of the classic webinars, Donna really delves into the bristles, the techniques and everything you need to know about makeup brush utilization.”

— Jen Ellis

“I watch this a few times and I do not regret I bought it! Some really good informations are in this webinar that I know it will serve me at my work :)”

— neža kodre

“I just wanted to add that the segment on brush cleaning alone was a game changer. It was so frustrating that my brush cleaner didnt do its job or what I thought its job should be.”

— Patricia Brakeman

“Thank you for this Donna, I have been a makeup artist for 6 years and actually thinking back to my training I was not told one damm thing about brushes (or much else for that matter) and how to to use them, I picked up all I know myself over the years. So it was great to be able to pick up some fantastic advice in this webinar. I learnt so much. Especially on how to use some of the brushes in different ways, to how I use them, and it was great to see all the natural hair brushes you can get and some of the tips on brush cleaning, AMAZING. I was unsure whether to get this webinar as I was not sure if it would be really basic but it goes into so much more details than I thought. So pleased I got it. Thank you.”

— Sarah Baldwin

“brushing cleaning WOW! Mind-blowing”

— Patricia Brakeman