Popular Gimmick Products to Avoid

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Popular Gimmick Products to Avoid (That you probably already own & use)

In this session, Donna will discuss the popularity and hype of many cosmetics and beauty products to inform viewers on what’s the difference in determining what is actually a worth investment and what to avoid. This segment will give multiple, factual details to validate why each item is a waste of time and money. Artists will absorb and benefit from industry wisdom on product knowledge that took Donna over three and a half decades to amass. Discover how to read between the lines of advertising and marketing gimmicks to determine necessity and value of future product purchases throughout your career. Much of this information is also relevant to non-professionals and everyday women that desire to save money on cosmetic purchases and get better results from their products.

“Another great and informative webinar! I only had 2 of these products and now I know exactly why the MUFE contour/highlight product I thought I was going to love - but didn’t, is no longer in my kit. Also, the beauty so clean will be removed from my kit. Thanks Donna for always being you and for being honest.”

— Elyse Feinstein

“I was looking forward to this webinar so much and I highly recommend it to all, this will shed light on marketing BS and discard the clutter in the makeup kit.”

— Mira

“Donna seriously knows just about everything to do with makeup and this class proved it! My response to clients who ask if I have the new "whatever is in" palette will be much more confident now when I say, no! And explain why and that I have superior products. ("I'm not a sheep" haha) Love your sense of humour Donna!”

— Claire

“The shape of pans...Whoa, my mind exploded from a lightbulb moment. Lots of nice juicy tidbits of info in here, some obvious & some that make me look at my kit & shed a tear”

— Margie

“This webinar was such an eye opener. All of the information got me to really think about how I should never go out and just purchase products based on "what's in". There are many products made to make things easier but in reality are a disaster. What surprised me the most is how there are companies selling their products for cheap but are made overseas where the quality control is bad.I highly recommend this webinar it will save you lots of money and time for future purchases. Thank you Donna!! :)”

— Jessenia Munoz

“This is a great webinar. Donna teaches us what is more useful and beneficial to our kit so we don't go out and buy unnecessary things to clutter our makeup cases. She helps us understand that we don't need to go out and buy all the products that the gurus rave about. I never thought about how a square pan versus a round pan is much more efficient in saving product. Thank you for all the knowledge you shared with is during this webinar. It's a must see.”

— Sandy Le

“Too much goodness in this broadcast. I got so much out of it and wrote pages of notes!!!! Thanks for staying true to telling the truth of what makeup artist need to hear plus help save their pennies and make better choices in investing in their kit and for their career. Another Great Webinar!!! 100 stars from me!”

— Crystal Casas

“I am amazed at what gold nuggets are in ever webinar. I had NO IDEA about the square and rectangular shadow / powder pans! Wow! What an eye opener that was! Looking forward to the next one that's for sure.”

— Victoria

“What a great lesson so glad I didn't miss this one, thank you Donna 🌸”

— Lauri Dempsey

“so glad I was able to catch another webinar. great information and a lot of ah-ha moments.”

— Carla Armijo

“Yet another great and informative webinar. This is a must watch if you are serious about investing in the right products and not get lost in the huge amount of inaccurate information that is out in the net. Thank you Donna!”

— Luisa Pollio

“Thank you Donna for a lot of light bulb moments during this webinar! I'm excited to be able to make intelligent decision with the knowledge you imparted in choosing a product.”

— Carroanne

“great information! this class is a must have. Seriously.”

— Patricia Brakeman

“Amazing webinar if you’re ready to stop blindly following trends and to invest your money in what works instead.”

— Jen Ellis

“There are so many products that become "favorites" or "must haves" thanks to the beauty influencers and gurus of social media. Skip all the wondering, and find out what you should be avoiding with Donna's honest and truthful method. Great webinar, yet again, and I'm off to reinvest in some better products!”

— Katina Stephens