Successful Portfolio Testing

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A 3.5 hour Classic Webinar

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Successful Portfolio Testing

A massive amount of makeup artists claim that they no longer do test shoots. The reasons given for such statement is most often one of the following three claims.

1. They no longer need to.
2. They deserve to be paid.
3. Testing is a waste of time.

If an artist states that they feel that they no longer need to do test shoots, this would mean that they believe that their portfolio is amazing and shows their superior level of expertise. Which would also result in getting them constant work, earning great money. However, this is almost never the case. I typically share the fact that Kevyn Aucoin worked 5-6 days a week, had an absolutely amazing portfolio, and was earning $10k per job… And he still tested every Friday until the day he died.

Artists that claim they deserve to be paid, and sarcastically say things like, “Images don’t pay my bills” make it very clear that they are completely unaware of how the industry works as well as they are telling the world that they’re clueless as to the actual purpose and importance of a strong portfolio. An artists book is necessary to prove their level of skill… or lack thereof. Our portfolios are what allow us to secure jobs that our images PROVE we are worthy of. The more impressive the portfolio the more work artist can get and qualify for.

After 35+ years in the industry, I’ve learned that the real reason that makeup artists stop testing because they had bad experiences on test shoots. And instead of learning from their mistakes, improving their skills and quality of work, they prefer to place blame on the photographers, models and sometimes the industry as a whole. Claiming testing to be a waste of time. When in actuality, their shoot most likely resulted in a waste of time because of one or multiple things that they don’t know they did wrong. If this is you, I urge you to stop paying a victim role and take control of your career. No one else will. These people also often claim that the reason they aren’t working is because others are undercutting them. So false.

Although you and all other artists may have had bad experiences with test shoots (trust me there are many to have!) Regardless if you have or have not said the words, “I don’t test,” I’m sure you have heard other artists claim such things. I challenge you to start testing and grow your craft. Because you CAN create amazing images from a test shoot once you know how. You CAN get test shoots published once you know how. You CAN qualify for more work with test shoot images, once you know how. You CAN start working with bigger and better crews of talent, once you know how. You CAN earn more money, once you know how. You CAN get signed by an agency, once you know how. For those that desire to learn how to build a great portfolio and achieve career success, this brand new webinar is for you.

“I am only half way through this webinar but OMG it has SOOOO much AMAZING information!! I have taken so many notes already. I am very much looking forward to putting this information into practice. Thank you”

— Amanda Gallen

“Wow, an epic amount of info here to refresh this course I did with Donna when she was in Perth a few years back. The amount of info was awesome, I should have taken more notes but it was so interesting, I have no issue watching it again as over 3 hours long - thats the best deal ever to get so much info and for so many hours. Hours of words of wisdom - thanks Donna! :) Ordering my magazine subscriptions this weekend! the powerpoint cut a few minor words off on some things on screen at times but not a huge issue, however, the knowledge peeps will gain from this is 5 out of 5 but the powerpoint as stated above was the only thing that stopped me giving this webinar a 5 out of! Amazing info on this, if you're a new MUA will be ahead of the rest if you know all of what Donna shares in this webinar!!”

— Jennifer Kahl

“This webinar was SO good! I used the wording that Donna suggested for contacting/booking a model for a shoot, and I made a schedule and inspiration page for the crew to keep us all on track...and the shoot was a huge success! I highly recommend watching much amazing info, especially for a newbie like me! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, Donna!!”

— Ashley Gaetano

“OMG! This was so good! I have been in the industry for over 10 years and I have had some great test shoots and some not so great ones and at times I have come away saying never again but this has made me realise what went wrong. This is certainly not being taught in any training schools I have been to. It also shows how little knowledge some photographers have. All the shoots that I have attended the photographers I have worked with have picked the models, chosen what images to send out and I have never signed any release forms or contract. For any new makeup artist this is a must have to avoid any pitfalls and becoming disillusioned with the industry and for the artist that have been in the industry for a while it will be an eye opener. Donna's extensive knowledge on everything she teaches is truly inspiring. I wish that I knew her 12 years ago when I first trained and wonder where I would be now if I had done so!”

— Karen Swanston

“I agree with Katherine, at any level there is still a lot of good info in here! I only wish I had seen this like 2 years ago hahaha! Lots of ideas and helpful tips to help you to ensure you have successful tests that actually build your book like they are supposed to! A++++”

— Julie Brooks

“I loved this webinar so much! So much info and knowledge dropped that I have 6 pages, front and back, of notes. Great tips on how to book your own test shoots and how to find and work with models and photographers. I also gained useful tips on the different types of test shots. Now I know what time of tests I want to focus on. I love Donna and all her insights. She always gives me the motivation I need to keep going. Thank you Donna!”

— Dawn Coleman

“I had no idea how many shoots there are you can do! I'm so glad I watched this one as it has recently helped me educate a photographer on the type of shoot he wanted to do or thought he wanted to do. This is a big favourite of mine.”

— Brodee Kernaghan

“No one realizes how important portfolio tests and styled shoots are. They have completely changed my business and even get me PUBLISHED! Thanks Donna!!”

— Cassandra McClure

“Man I really wish I would have watched this webinar before I did my mermaid shoot. Some of my best pictures are from Testing and this just makes me feel like it was worth all the time and effort. I love the images in this webinar because it really helps me understand and let all the knowledge sink in. SO awesome and grateful for this!”

— Jenn Langley-Mendoza

“I love this one! Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a well established artist there is sooo much important information about the industry that will not only help to make a WOW portfolio, but gives you the tools to climb the ladder to work with the models and photographers you've always wanted to work with.”

— Katherine Watts

“Wow! Mind blown! This class is great regardless of how long you have been doing makeup. Donna is able to show you the importance of test shots, and how to make an amazing portfolio of your work. She tells you what looks to avoid in your portfolio and helps save you from missing out on job opportunities. This is definitely a class you will want to watch more than once because there is so much great information! Thanks Donna!”

— Rechele Brooke

“I recently completed the TFP webinar and it was truly AMAZING” OMG….such a wealth of information. It just validated so many things for me – things that I've been doing already and should be doing more of. I recently used the information I learnt to (in a collaborative way) ‘educate’ a photographer and it has led to some projects with him…he called me and couldn’t thank me enough (and I cant thank you enough Donna Mee).”

— Peggy