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Working with Celebrity Clients & NDA’s

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Working with Celebrity Clients & NDA’s

Every job within our industry can lead to more work due to satisfied clients, networking or referrals.  It only takes one single job to majorly launch a career.  Many makeup artists and hairstylists dream of working with celebrities and of course, these dreams don’t include anything going wrong.  However, a large majority of artists and stylists that work on thousands of celebrities each month for jobs in television, film, commercial and editorial print, red carpet and music videos are never hired again a second time to work that same celebrity.  Discover why this is such a frequent occurrence and how to avoid the most common mistakes artists make with high profile clientele.  Donna will discuss how to improve your odds of successfully securing ongoing, personal clients and also explain NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) that often come along with celebrity work.  In addition, viewers will also gain valuable insight as to how to interpret industry resumes and celebrity credits.

While not all artists desire celebrity work, when and if an opportunity arises, most will want to take advantage of the situation to expand their experience, resume and reputation.  This training will give artists the wisdom and knowledge to handle VIP bookings with confidence and deliver services and an experience beyond the clients expectations.


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1 Hour Broadcast